Here is a free Star Citizen referral code for you:


which belongs to the user "sodi". This code will award you an extra 5,000 UEC (in-game currency) if applied during registration. The hyperlink above will take you directly to the registration form with this code already filled in.

During registration, note that "Login ID" must be different from what your "Handle" and "Community Moniker" is. Handle is what you'll go by in-game, and Moniker is what you'll go by in the RSI web forums. Your Handle can be changed for free one time after registration. You should also not disclose your Login ID to others.

If you wish to know more about Star Citizen you should visit their official site, have a look at our main site and possibly The Lone Gamers' introductory text (which is a bit outdated, but in general a good read).

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