Up until 3rd May 2018 this randomizer had a slight bias in favour of my org. and thus it was not true to the word "random". Technically it still isn't, as it relies on a pseudo-random number generator (PRNG), but as any computer scientist will know, this is as close as you get - without expensive equipment anyway. More specifically, the database query on the front page is appended with ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 1 which is what generates the perceived randomness. Suggestions for improvements will be appreciated.

We will not publish the source code, as noone without backend access would be able to verify that this is the source code actually running anyway. Instead, rest assured that any decent programmer should be able to test out the randomness in an empirical manner.

The hyperlink randomizer.transversetheverse.com/enlist has also been changed in a very similar manner. It will now pick a referral code at random using the same DB query as mentioned above, and default to my own referral code STAR-3KCR-SNR2 if and only if there are no other referral codes in the database.

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